Why You Need A Mindful Morning Routine For Success

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Do you wake up in the morning already dreading the day ahead?

Are you constantly thinking about everything you have to get done, only to be struck with doubt and anxiety?

Let me share something that has helped me immensely. And it starts with the first thing you do when you wake up. I’m not going to tell you that you have to wake up at 5 AM. You can wake up in the afternoon if that’s how your sleep schedule is. Whenever your “morning” is, I’m going to help you understand why you need a mindful morning routine for success!

5 Reasons a Mindful Morning Routine Will Help You Plan a Successful Day

  1. You’ll start the day off with a Positive Attitude!
  2. You are more likely to accomplish your tasks
  3. No one will say you got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning
  4. You’ll start the day with a higher vibrational frequency to attract positive energy
  5. Having the right mindset is crucial for anything you do

What My Morning Routine Looks Like

  1. Gratitude. Every morning I wake up grateful for one more day and find 3 things I am grateful for! 
  2. Read my goal Statement. This is one of my goal statements. I am so happy and grateful now that I have a thriving 6 figure online business which includes multiple sources of income and helping people on their health and fitness journeys!
  3. Still My Mind. I spend about 10 minutes in solitude. No phone, no computer. Just me meditating.  
  4. Write Down Inspiration. In that moment of silence, I ask God or the universe (however you want to think of it) for guidance on what I can do with what I have in order to get me closer to meeting my goal. I write down at least 5 ideas. 
  5. Write Down Characteristics I Need to Portray What attributes does the version of me in my vision have that I don’t have right now? I write down those characteristics and I work on them one at a time.

After I have done this, I’m ready to workout and start my day. I’ve got my mind in a good place. I feel like I can make some accomplishments. I’ve gotten rid of all the negative voices in my head telling me I can’t do it. I’m not even thinking of competition or anything that upsets me. I’m ready to conquer the day!

Why Gratitude is Important

The first thing I do when I wake up, even before opening my eyes, is feel grateful that I have the opportunity to experience a new day of life.

When I treat each day like a gift from the universe or God, instead of another day whether everything can go wrong, I begin to appreciate my personal value and start dreaming of all the things that I can accomplish. How many people have you known that have passed well before their time? Waking up in the morning is a privilege, not a right, and can be taken away at any given time.

why a mindful morning routine sets you up for success

I love the above quote, don’t you? But it’s the truth. When we can fully express gratitude for all the good in our lives, instead of focusing on what we don’t have, we will be attracting more abundance! If you can’t appreciate or see the good in your life as it is now, then how can you expect to appreciate your life when you do receive everything you desire?

Showing and expressing gratitude is a quick way to raise your vibration level and make the Law of Attraction work FOR you!

I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to find 3 things you are grateful for every morning! You will be surprised how great it makes you feel.

What to Include in a Goal Statement

Why You Need A Mindful Morning Routine For Success

Do you have a goal that you are trying to achieve?

It doesn’t matter how big your goal is or if you don’t know how you are going to achieve it. What matters is you know there is something you would LOVE or something you would love to achieve in life.

I run into so many people, espeically in the are where I’m from, that have no ambition or desires in life. They are perfectly happy working minimum in a grocery store with nothing to look forward too. Even though it’s what they want or think they want, I feel sad too, because everyone should have something they are striving for. It’s how we grow, learn, and evolve. And I’m a firm believer that we all deserve to have the life we want. No one deserves to be stuck at a dead end job making crap money.

When writing out your goal statement start off with the words “I am so happy and grateful now that….” (This is what I have learned from Bob Proctor). Write it out in present tense. The reason to do this is to act as if you are living your goal now. What we say and feel, we ultimately end up believing. I like to think of it as tricking the subconscious mind.

The more we look, envision, feel our goal statements, the more we will attract to us what we need to accomplish our goals!

Plus, you deserve to let yourself have what you want. Write it down. Write down everything you desire in life!

How to Still Your Mind

why you should have a mindful morning routine for success

In our busy world, it’s hard NOT to have a million thoughts racing through our heads at any given time. Learning how to direct your thoughts is important because we want the negative ones to go away and any positive thought to stay! The thoughts you hold in your head are the ones that will affect your behavior and in turn what you will attract.

You can have a dedicated place in your house where you can solely dedicate to your mindful morning routine so you brain gets used to it. Start by taking a few deep breaths and focus on clearing your mind. I find it helpful to play some light meditation music in the background.

Never Wake up on the Wrong Side of the Bed Again

You’ll never have to worry about waking up on the wrong side of the bed again if you adopt a mindful morning routine. You’ll already be on your way to a successful day.

I have just listed a few ideas to start a routine, such as gratitude, focusing on your goal statement, stilling your mind, writing down inspiration that comes to you, and becoming one characteristic of the person you desire to be, for that day. There are many others! This list is not exhaustive by any means.

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