Crushing Your New Years Health Goals + a FREE 90 Day Plan to Keep you on Track

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-Tony Evans

Isn’t it excited to set goals? I don’t know about you, but my brain literally lights up when I imagine what I want for my future! It gives you a sense of empowerment. You begin to feel capable of achieving goals and the possibilities are endless.

Sometimes though, crushing your new years health goals doesn’t always go as planned. It’s easy to sidetracked and get off track!

So make this year YOUR year! The year you crush your new years goals!

Make it simple. Health goals really fall into one of three categories: movement, nutrition, and mindset. Think about what you want more of and where you want to see growth. Ask yourself these questions:

What do I want to create in these areas?

What do I want to see more of?

What do I want to see less of?

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Fitness goal setting isn’t as simple as just saying “I want to lose weight; I want to run faster; I want to be stronger.” It takes time, planning, commitment, discipline, and effort.

Break fitness goals into parts

Want to lose 50 pounds by the end of the year? Not so fast. Break it down into smaller parts. For instance, losing one pound a week or 8 pounds a month is much more manageable and therefore achievable.

Make goals specific and measurable

Running 3 miles in under 30 minutes is an example. When you have something specific to hit, you can make a better plan for actually getting there.

Set goals that are realistic and attainable

Overarching goals that are unrealistic may only set you up for failure. Smaller, realistic goals help you see that you are making progress toward something bigger. This provides greater motivation.

Identify what needs to get done

Write down what needs to get done in the next 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.

Reward your achievement

Think of ways to pat yourself on the back as you reach milestones along the way and when you reach your goal. When we reward ourselves, we flood our brain with positive chemicals, such as dopamine. This encourages us to repeat the behavior that leads to success.

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I know that sometimes you know where you want to end up, but it’s still hard to come up with the specific steps that will help to get you there. With these nutrition goal setting techniques, I hope you can make little by little progress on your nutrition goals.

Know Your Calories

To estimate your calorie needs, consider using a calorie calculator (MyFitnessPal has this feature!) You will then have a daily goal in mind, which can help when you’re reading food labels and keeping a detailed food record.

Reward yourself…but not with food

This gives you something tangible to look forward to. Try rewarding yourself with a spa day on a weekend or a hike outside with your best girlfriend!

Get SMART about your goals

  • SPECIFIC. Make your goal simple, sensible, and significant, but specific.
  • MEASURABLE. How will you measure your goal? If you are trying to eat more vegetable, you could say “I’m going to add 1 serving of spinach to my smoothie every day.”
  • ACHIEVABLE. Is your goal realistic? Is it something you can achieve if you put in the work and effort?
  • RELEVANT. Make sure the steps you are taking are relevant to your goal!
  • TIME-BOUND. Put a time limit on when you want to achieve your goal!

Here are some examples:

  1. Portion Size. I will use a salad plate to limit my portions, with no second helpings, at dinnertime for 2 weeks.
  2. Meal Prep. Every Sunday I will spend an hour or two planning meals for the week and preparing ingredients.
  3. Hydration. I will drink only water and no other beverages with breakfast, lunch and dinner for two weeks.


You can set all the goals you want but if your mindset is problematic, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Adopt the following techniques to make sure your goals are bulletproof.

Just do it

Don’t try, just make it happen. Fully commit to your goals because “trying” will never be your 100%. You become half-hearted in your attempt and you do things in a half-interested manner.

Adopt a “finisher” mindset

It’s not how you start but how you finish. Acknowledge that things may not go exactly as planned but the most important thing is you stay committed to the set goal. If your 90-day goal is to lose weight, stick to your plan and activities for 3 months. Don’t just do it for the first few weeks or days, and then stop doing it.

Trust the process

Be patient and reframe your mindset and think that setbacks are actually good. The more you overcome, the better you become. And the better you become, the more you can achieve.

Believe in Yourself

This may sound cliche but if you develop a mindset fully trusting yourself, then anything is possible. As long as you don’t give up, continue to work on your goals, and keep on improving yourself, you will eventually get there.

Journal, journal, journal

Yes, start a journal. Don’t get intimidated though! This is actually a great way to keep yourself personally motivated and accountable. At the end of each day, ask yourself, did you finish the activities in your calendar? If you did or did not, how do you feel? How will you make an effort to do even better the next day?

Ready for your FREE 90 Day Action Plan?

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