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A Simply Earth Review: Quality Oils Without the MLM Price

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This review reflects my own personal opinion of Simply Earth and my own experience. I am not acting as a representative of the company in any way. Everything in quotes and everything I have referenced, I have done so in good faith.

When I started studying Aromatherapy and getting into essential oils, I made myself a promise. I would invest in quality oils because I want to experience all the health benefits! I truly believe in the healing powers of aromatherapy! What I don’t believe in, is these big MLM companies like doTerra and Young Living charging an arm and a leg for a single bottle just so 10 “sales people” can get a high commission.

Welcome to my Simply Earth review! If you are like me, and looking for pure, quality essential oils that you can actually afford, you really need to check out this company!

I’ll go over who they are, how they test their oils, and what kinds of products they offer!

What is Simply Earth?

Simply Earth is a company that sells pure, quality essential oils at an affordable price. They test their oils to make sure they are of the highest quality, and they offer a variety of products including diffusers, roll-ons, and more!

Simply Earth is a small, family run business that prides themselves on being able to provide 100% pure and therapeutic essential oils at fair and reasonable prices!

They sell a monthly essential oil subscription box, that’s what got me hooked! However, if you don’t like being locked into a monthly fee, they sell individual essential oils and other non-toxic products!

Their website is full of helpful blog posts and recipes teaching you exactly how to live toxin free, while making your own DIY household products.

They are on a mission “to make it easy and affordable to have a natural home.”

Where is Simply Earth located?

Simply Earth is primarily an online essential oil company.

Their bottling facility is in Hingham, WI and is then sold directly to the consumer, aka you and me!

According to their website, they do offer businesses to become a wholesaler for their oils.

They also, apparently had a store open in Wisconsin that has since closed.

So, for now, you can only get their essential oils on their website.

Where Are Simply Earth Oils From?

Simply Earth carefully hand selected regions around the world in which plants are ethically grown. Once the plant reaches maturity, they are harvested and either steam distilled or cold pressed.

This is a map showing where their oils are sourced from!

In my opinion, it’s important and a good thing when a company discloses where their essential oils come from!

Where the oil is sourced will determine it’s therapeutic properties! These things affect the oil:

  • Soil the plant is grown in
  • Climate conditions of location where plant is grown
  • Altitude of location where plant is grown
  • When the plant was harvested
  • When the oil is extracted
  • How the oil is extracted
Photo Credit : Simply Earth

Are Simply Earth Essential Oils Truly 100% Pure?

Simply Earth states all their essential oils go through GC/MS testing.

GC/MS, or gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, testing is “a common scientific analytical method for determining individual substances within a sample.” In other words, this testing can be used to determine if there are any other substances in essential oils, other than the plant substance itself.

Simply Earth makes these reports easy to access.

On their website, go to the Single essential oils. Towards the middle of the page, you’ll see a GC/MS tab.

Then you’ll be able to download a report like below. It shows all the constituents of that particular essential oil. Here is an example of Frankincense.

Why Are Simply Earth’s Essential Oils so Cheap Compared to Bigger Brands?

In a world where we are told to believe that the more expensive an item is, the better quality it is, you may be wondering why Simply Earth can provide quality essential oils at a reasonable price. There are more popular essential oil companies, but they are selling them at a higher price.

  • Simply Earth cuts out the middleman. They directly source their oils. So the less movement your oils have to go through, the cheaper they will be.
  • Simply Earth does not run an Multi Level Marketing (MLM) model. I am an ambassador for this brand and I will make a small commission from purchases from my link, however it is at no additional cost to you. They don’t have to jack up their prices to pay multiple sales people.

What Comes in a Subscription Box?

The most popular product Simply Earth offers is their monthly essential oil subscription box!

Subscription Box

Each month’s box is centered around a different theme. In the 6 months I’ve been subscribing, I’ve received boxes for DIY laundry soap and dryer sheets, candle making, bath soaps, deodorant, and everyday household cleaning products!

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • 4 full-size 15 ml 100% pure essential oils
  • Stickers and labels for your new products
  • 6 Recipe cards you can use again and again
  • 1 new Essential Oil blend recipe for diffusing
  • 1 new roller bottle recipe for pulse points

Recipes are centered around that month’s theme. Examples from previous months include:

  • All natural deodorant
  • Fresh linen spray
  • DIY Laundry Soap
  • Body wash
  • Cleaning products
  • Candles
  • Extra supplies needed make two or three non-toxic products

Let’s take a look at the most recent box I received this month, April 2022!

·       Essential Oils

  • Tangerine Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Thyme Essential Oil
  • Clean and Fresh Essential Oil Blend

·       Extra Supplies

  • 2x 2oz BPA free Amber Spray bottles
  • 1 oz Soap Nuts
  • Cotton Fabric Squares

I was a little skeptical about making my own laundry detergent with soap nuts, but they ended up working really well! And made my laundry smell so good! The fresh linen spray was equally as good! I spray it on my clothes, my bed, my towels, everything!

I look forward to receiving my new box every month!

Big Bonus Box (Every 6 months)

Upon receiving your first subscription box, you’ll receive a big bonus box. And you receive one every 6 months you have an active subscription.

  • 6 10 ml glass amber bottle rollers
  • 6 empty 5 ml glass amber essential oil bottles
  • Coconut Oil (Solid)
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 2 oz Beeswax

What I LOVE about this big bonus box is that you’ll need all of these supplies for use in the subscription boxes! You can use the roller bottles to create the new pulse point recipe each month or just continue making your favorite one! You also get a new essential oil diffuser blend recipe to create. And they supply you with the bottles and labels to make them!

Do I Have to Buy a Subscription Box to enjoy Simply Earth’s Essential Oils?

NO! That’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to buy a subscription box. In fact, if you just wanted to try it out, you could buy one subscription box and then easily cancel.

Simply Earth has single essential oil bottles if that’s all you need, or some additional supplies to make your own non-toxic products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Simply Earth Subscription Box Work?

For $39 a month (plus tax) you will receive 4 15 ml essential oils, 6 recipe cards, and extra supplies needed to help make your home toxin free! You never pay for shipping and it’s super easy to cancel! You can sign up for one box and immediately cancel if it’s not for you.

If you do stick with it, every 6 months, you’ll receive a big bonus box as part of your subscription. As discussed above, this includes the roller and 5 ml blend bottles you’ll need as part of the recipes, along with other goodies!

That’s it. Sit back and relax and have fun making your crafts every month.

If you want to get started today, I have a FREE $40 gift card waiting for you!

This is an actual FREE gift card that you can use towards more essential oils or supplies!


Click HERE for your first box and a FREE $40 gift card!

How Do I Cancel My Simply Earth Subscription?

I’m going to walk through how to cancel your simply earth subscription. It’s so easy.

First, login to your account. Once you log in, you’ll be directed to the welcome page. On the lefthand side you’ll see details of your next box and when it ships. Click on “Manage my subscription.”

A pop up box will ask what you want to do. You can choose to update your shipment, pause your subscription or fully cancel.

Once you click “stop subscription,” another box will appear asking if you’re sure. They’ll offer to pause for 1 to 3 months or cancel!

Now, I do not want to cancel my subscription, so I’m not going to click “Cancel my box.” But I hope you understand now how easy it is to cancel your Simply Earth subscription!

No questions asked and hassle free!

What Are Essential Oils Good For?

What AREN’T essential oils good for? Seriously though, they are a wonderful natural remedy to use for so many reasons! They are typically used in an aromatherapy kind of setting. Not only do essential oils smell GREAT, they also have therapeutic benefit when inhaled! Essential oil molecules are so small that they travel directly to the brain and can instantly change direction of neurotransmitters. if you are stressed out or anxious, diffusing lavender essential oil can really help.

Essential oils are also good to use when sick or if you need a natural remedy! If you want to know how, just click on one of the ailments below and I’ll teach you how to use essential oils!

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