7 Supplements to Balance Blood Sugar for Energy

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It is imperative to maintain balanced blood sugar levels to ensure better health and quality of life. Our blood becomes susceptible to high levels of sugar, often resulting in diseases like diabetes. When we take effective measures to balance the level of glucose in our blood, our health benefits and we feel vibrant and energetic. We experience less mood swings and are able to stay active and productive longer.

Balancing sugar levels could take some time. So, as with anything regarding improving our health, there is no better time than now to begin. To balance blood sugar levels in our bodies, we can increase our intake of water and healthy food. In addition, we can boost ourselves further with supplements and supplementary foods.

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What Is Blood Sugar Level?

Blood sugar level refers to the amount of glucose in the blood that is transported to cells to metabolize energy. Through the process of metabolization, the content of sugar is converted into glycogen, which is used as a source of energy by the cells. When we ingest sugar in its several variants, including natural and processed, the body utilizes it to conduct numerous bodily functions.

While there is something to be said for the health benefits of sugar, it is often overconsumed. High sugar intake has been linked to diseases such as diabetes. High-sugar consumption also triggers your appetite resulting in the overeating of high-caloric foods thus increasing your risk for obesity.

Our cells process natural sugars easily. However, processed sugars take more time to convert causing undo stress on our bodies.

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Taking Supplements to Balance Blood Sugar Levels

Keeping your health at the forefront of your consciousness, you will want to read food labels to avoid excess sugar. When consuming sugar, it is important to opt for natural sources like those found in fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition to these efforts, you can also consider taking the following supplements to yield maximum outcomes.

7 Supplements to Balance Blood Sugar for Energy FREE Printable


Fenugreek makes an excellent all-natural dietary supplement to satiate your blood sugar levels. It is used as a palate cleanser and makes an effective supplement for improving the digestive system. It has also been found to vastly contribute to the enhancement of blood sugar levels. You can dissolve fenugreek seeds in water and then drink to benefit from fenugreek’s blood-sugar-balancing properties.


Magnesium is widely regarded as an essential supplement that caters to improving more than 300 factors of the physiological processes of the body. Taking a considerable amount of magnesium proves beneficial in the conversion of sugar to glucose. You can take approximately 324-400mg of magnesium on a daily basis to feel a difference in your blood sugar levels.


Ginseng, alternatively known as the Manchurian wonder, is an effective supplement that regulates the content of sugar levels in your blood. Taking 1 to 2 grams of ginseng can improve the functioning of the liver. In addition, it induces healthy levels of insulin to regulate your energy levels and improve your mood.


Cinnamon has been used supplementally for hundreds of years and has been applied in curing the symptoms of several ailments. More recently, it has become known that cinnamon is excellent for balancing blood sugar levels. It aids in maintaining healthy levels of blood sugar to help you retain energy throughout the day.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is considered an excellent supplement for balancing blood sugar for energy. It plays a vital role in the conversion of natural sugar into glycogen. In addition, it eliminates free radicals and acts as a resistance to insulin-sensitivity in diabetic patients. You can consume ALA as a supplement or find it abundant in vegetables like beets, carrots, rice, sprouts, and spinach. Consider taking 600-1200 mgs of ALA to balance your blood sugar for energy.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps maintain the body’s calcium levels. It also plays an important role in keeping your blood sugar level balanced, which is critical for preventing diabetes. Vitamin D deficiencies are common amongst people who have Type II diabetes. This vitamin is needed in order to produce the necessary hormones needed for maintaining blood sugar.

Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight, fortified foods like milk and cereal, or dietary supplements. Most people need about 600 IU of Vitamin D per day to prevent deficiency symptoms such as dry skin and muscle aches.


Ginger has been used as a spice and medicine for centuries. It is native to south Asia, but it is now grown in many other countries, including the United States.

Studies have been shown that ginger has the ability to modulate insulin resistance and can reduce the level of fasting blood sugar in the body.

My favorite way to add ginger to my diet is by making this tea!

7 Supplements to Balance Blood Sugar for Energy FREE Printable

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